My historical fiction "For a breath in freedom" has been completed in 2020:

A young heir of a wealthy Sicilian family escapes punishment in 1392. Taking service with Serene Republic of Venice he faces a dangerous mission in Constantinople. His road leads to Edirne, the new capital of Ottoman power. Following the Sultan’s court to Ankara battlefield he is captured in slavery during the clash between Tamerlane and Sultan Bayazid I and led to Samarkand. The warlord entitles him a translator proving him with ancient manuscripts, sources of secret knowledge. There born a slave, his son Iskander trains to become best warrior in the dreadful Tamerlane horde.


The father and son escape, passes many lands on two continents, Asia and Europe to find a free country, without slavery, without wars. When Iskander steps in Republic of Ragusa and its capital Dubrovnik as a commander of an Ottoman’s squad he sees his dream comes true. One of the greatest traders by Seas rejects benefits from slaves' trading adopting in 1418 the first law in human history against it. But all just begins. The fight to change the world and men’s minds just starts.

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