After the professional editing, I published some chapters of the books:


Here are their shorter pitches:


In 1936 a divorced Bulgarian operastar Sofia marries an Italian ambassador Count Giovanni despite heavy obstacles. After his death she awakes in a hospital struggling how to free herself from her past without anger and revenge.


Searching for his first friend, a celestial boy lands on the planet Earth during a cosmic storm. Encountering mysterious inhabitants in an ancient castle, he overcomes their obstacles, pitfalls and while discovering deeply hidden secrets of humankind, The Prince from Sagittarius Galaxy finds an unexpected friend.

Actively searching for a publishers for my books: the young adult "THE PRINCE FROM SAGITTARIUS GALAXY" and the fiction "MYSTERIOUS HERITAGE".

Each opportunity is welcome!



40 year-old Italian ambassador, Count Giovanni Di Castellano, breaks all the rules of his world, when in New York in the 1930s, he falls in love with Sofia Assenova, a divorced, Bulgarian opera-star at Milano's La Scala. She gives up her brilliant career and converts to Roman Catholicism to obtain permission to marry Giovanni from the Italian King Victor Emanuel the Third, and from the Vatican.

During turbulent times of World War Two, Count Di Castellano is forced to resign after years of high profile work in Rome, Paris, Moscow, London, Morocco, and New York and returns home to Sicily. After his premature death, Sofia wakes up in a Sicilian mental home under pill's effect and tries to unpuzzle what has happened with her and why, struggling how to free herself from that place and from her past without anger and thirst for revenge. Seven years later Sofia is saved with great difficulty. She recovers her inner peace in a monastery, settles her accounts up in court while finding a way back to her grown-up son, the new heir of the Di Castellano family.

Questions, rivalry, guilt and mysteries unfold in a unique love story.

Synopsis of the young adult fiction "THE PRINCE FROM SAGITTARIUS GALAXY":

A celestial Prince lived alone on his tiny planet at the end of Sagittarius Galaxy. In a search for his first friend, the young boy caught a passing comet and deluded by haze of star-dust, entered the Solar System.

Landing on the planet Earth he found himself on an unbelievably beautiful island. There, at the Valley of the Temples, the ancient Olympic Gods had been spending their summer vacations for millennia. Trying to meet the little god of friendships among them, The Prince from Sagittarius Galaxy started his first adventure on Earth in the first part of the book. The lonely starry boy faced challenges he had never experienced at other corners in the cosmos.

Coming back in the second part of the book, after many trips to other celestial spheres, the starry boy fell in a volcano's throat, sliding to Earth's heart to save the planet after discord between Olympic Gods caused great disaster.

The celestial boy followed a young teen company in the third part of the book, in hope to make a friend among them at least, and took part in their unusual experience in an ancient castle. Being under a spell, the building became the strangest place in human's world with mysterious inhabitants and secrets. Its possessor, the greatest Master of magic, had been trying to harness the nature's elements and cosmic' forces to become immortal as prescribed in a magical manuscript written and hidden long ago by the Olympic Gods.

In spite of finding successfully unexpected support and friends, The Prince had to depart for his endangered home, keeping secrets about planet Earth.

I have received a nice letter from my editor, the English author Catherine Green:

"Dear Borislava,

I much prefer the edited version of "Mysterious Heritage". It feels much more exciting, even though I have read the whole story in the past, now I found myself eager to know about the main characters simply from the very first few chapters, as though I was caught up in the mystery just like their son."


2014. My publisher is bought by a bigger one. I have new, interesting options concerning my writing path. I hope all is for better.

"The Starlight Prince" will have new editing.


I have received some possible covers for my future book "Mysterious Heritage" and I have to say I fell in love with them. So nice job did friends of mine, who painted them out for my still unfinished story!



Warmest wishes to all for a Happy Holiday season and a Wonderful New 2013 Year!

Something about my book:

The contest to win "Affairs of The Heart" begins! Welcome and good luck:

Time for Affairs of The Heart:

Great thanks, Anne, for the feature:

I came back home after participation at "You Matter: Living Diversity and Your dreams" London workshop. It was worthy experience and I need a time during the weekend to say about it:

I am so glad to receive such a wonderful review of my book "Affairs of The Heart":

The trailer of my book is featured:

Nice! More than 1000 visitors read one of my texts on WritersCircle blog:

And next promotion of my book:

A new, nice feature of my book "Affairs of The Heart":

Thank you, Jenna :)))

Wonderful presentation of my writing:

Warm thanks, Laurie!

My Affairs of The Heart is presented here, scroll down, please:

My Night Owl page:

Two nice features of my book and trailer:

Over 600 readers have read my pieces, I am feeling thankful:

I am happy. I won ten days workshop in London. My next trip there will be in a few weeks.
A new interview about "Affairs of The Heart" is published on

I really enjoyed to prepare it, especially the answer six:

Thank you, Andy!

A wonderful review of my book:

Great thanks, Catherine! You are a reader, who every author dreams to have.

Wish a fantastic, successful and blessed 2012! Let all your dreams come true!

Something about "Love - Love Hurts, Love Kills, Love Inspires" on my BLOG Section.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Wish great time, light hearts and fantastic festive season!

Thank you, Bryan, for the published snippet:

I have prepared a few features of Affairs of The Heart and wait for some reviews. Confirmation from bloggers that they will publish them in January and February on their blogs has come today. I was asked to say a bit about The challenge of writing, publishing and promoting. I put my thoughts and you may find them here, on my site, BLOG Section.

Having many readers on the next web-site, I have just published the first chapters from "Love and Other Dreams" there to get some feedback. The story will be published in 2012 and I consider to start a very non-ordinary marketing campain:

I work very hard to make my books noticed:

I love the promotion of "Affairs of The Heart" on Cover Mania:

Thank you, Jane!

The chat was wonderful. If sign in, you can read it using the link:

I prepare for the next chat on Coffee Time Romance on 3 December:

Chat with authors Borislava Borissova and Catherine Green on the Chatters E-loop: from 12:00am - 3:00pm EST

Everyone is welcome to come and discuss with us, participate in the games or simply read and enjoy what would be said about: LOVE - Affairs of The Heart in books when Love Hurts, Love Kills, Love Inspires.


Another nice feature of "Affairs of The Heart":

I am very glad that readers love "Affairs of The Heart"!


I would love to share my feature on the wonderful blog Reading Romances. They published even the pictures I have taken in Bulgaria-Veliko Tarnovo town and Neseber... A nice evening for me :)))

The next love-affair Love and Other Dreams is intended to come to the world for Christmas. I hope the story will touch many readers.

My great thanks to Stewart:

and to Dakota, Zoe, April:

On the AUTHOR Section here there are contacts where everybody could find me: on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, Shelfari etc. I would love to add new friends :)

I will have feature on two popular blogs in the coming week. I do everything I can to make my book noticed. I hope the audience I am seeking is ready for that book at this time. The calendar with the cover of "Affairs of The Heart" for 2012 is ready /the last picture here/. I consider to give 1000 copies of it in the next two months and I hope it would help people to hear a word about the story.

I have made the first trailer of my "Affairs of The Heart":

Two love-stories, two affairs of the hearts in a book.

16 October, 2011

The live chat I participated on Coffee Time Romance was fantastic experience. The time passed very quickly and I really enjoyed it so much.

Dear readers,

On 15th October from 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM EST on the Chatters E-loop I will be co-host of a live chat titled: Love and Other Dreams in Books on
There will be interesting discussions, games and the award for the readers - A Kindle copy of my book "Affairs of The Heart".

You are very welcome to enjoy the event!

And "May the force be with us!" :)))))

August, 2011

In my second published book "Affairs of The Heart" lives all passion I have for history and adventures, time-traveling and thrillers, mysteries and great love.

August, 2011

My Birthday Wishlist:

30 July, 2011

Thank you, Mark!

29 July, 2011

It is so nice to be part of:

Thank you, Bryan!

22 July, 2011

A chance to be read the first chapter of my newly published "Affairs of The Heart":

Thank you, Patti, for your support of my writing!

And another loving blog, I hope Stephanie will enjoy the stories:

13 July, 2011

Thank you for the opportunity, Jen!

29 June, 2011

I am a very happy author today, my "Affairs of The Heart" was born:

Thank you for all people from Rose Heart Publishing, who put their trust in my writing and support my dreams!

17 June, 2011

It was such a pleasure to do the next interview, Patti has a nice approach to the writing process:

Thank you, Patti for being your guest!

10 June, 2011

I am so proud of this:

04 June, 2011

Summer time! A year ago The Starlight Prince was published. From all my texts it first came into the world and I am very biased to the starry boy and his unique mission to find a first friend on his travel through Milky Way Galaxy. Now the time is for my second book Affairs of The Heart. 

I hope people would love to spend a quiality time with my heroes and their spelling stories. They were a wonderful, friendly company of mine during the long hours of writing.

27 May, 2011

The first birthday of my second published book Affairs of The Heart is coming:

I am thrilled! 


15 May, 2011

Numbered days before Affairs of The Heart / to be published, I read again and again the candid words about the book from the prominent Turkish author and translator Orhan Tuncay. They warmed my heart up:

1.      It is a love story of opposite sides and difficulties involved. It is the sad story of human beings and wars and ideologies.

2.      It is poetic. May be you, Borislava, are writing poems.

3.      It is historic, but not deeply involved with the historic events. This approach is better for me. Because detailed historic novels are very dangerous. They mix the truth with fiction. This story rather focuses on relations.

4.      It is objective. If I did not know that a Bulgarian writer had written it, I will be in difficulty on deciding the nationality of the writer. In addition, I am surprised to see that you know a lot about Turkey.

5.      It is against ideologies. I took a paragraph below. I believe that ideologies are for rules so that they become stronger:

“If there is a new war, I will consider retiring. My country won nothing from the whole butchery of the Balkan wars. The great powers imposed their will despite what thousands of soldiers did on the fronts. Many victims fell, and the ones who were lucky enough to remain alive are exhausted now. Ordinary people are always the greatest losers in every war.”

There is a saying in Turkish: “The grass is crushed while the elephants struggle above.”

6. The composition - time frame - your approach is preferred by various writers. There are some who write in more difficult time frame on purpose. In my opinion this is not a negative aspect of a novel and your event schedule is traceable.

Let me tie my opinions with my short verses:

This is the story of love

This is asking for hatred: “How?”

This is the story of humanity

This is the steel cold reality!

I wish you success!



10 May, 2011

Once a blogger asked me: "Borislava, what’s the most interesting comment you’ve received about your books?" Now I can say, one of the most touching is written by Stephanie:

Her approach to the story and hero, The Starlight Prince is marvellous!

07 May, 2011

My London travel in pictures:!/media/set/?set=a.1596072956365.67723.1672220093

3 May, 2011

I am so glad to see something about my The Starlight Prince here:

Yours is a very nice web-blog, Stephanie!

20 April, 2011

I made a long shopping seeking for special paints for eggs because there is an old, nice tradition in Bulgaria the eggs for Easter to be decorated and gifted to the loving ones. I will be in London this time and I took golden, pearl, silver paints to show the tradition to some friends during the coming Saturday. I hope to have artistic inspiration at the right moment to fascinate all with my beautiful work :)))

14 April, 2011

My great thanks to Giovanni Gelati! Wonderful presentation of my writing and me!

12 April, 2011

Thank you, Jerome!

08 April, 2011

A few intervews about coming "Affairs of the Heart" will be issued soon.

10 March, 2011

I have received the full cover of my second book "Affairs of the Heart" and I like it pretty much:

A new, wonderful presentation of my books:


04 March, 2011

If you would like to be a friend of mine there is a new option at AUTHOR section,

Feel free to join in :)))))


01 March, 2011

Chestita Baba Marta = Happy First March! Be healthy and happy in accordance with the agelong Bulgarian tradition!

25 February, 2011

A new friend of my writing has made an interview:

Thank you, Christopher! 


14 February, 2011

Happy Saint Valentine! Let love be the best friend of everyone!


11 February, 2011

The Starlight Prince has a new friend:

Thank you, Allison!

17 January, 2011

A wonderful blog with nice feature of authors and their books, this time it is my The Starlight Prince:

Thank you, Louise!


04 January, 2011

The Starlight Prince is my first book on Kindle shelf, e-format:

03 January, 2011

Happy New Year!

I am coming back :))) I sent 2010 off with gratitude for all people, who were with me on my road of life. After saying it to them, I took a taxi to see all districts in my native town of Sofia on the threshold of New Year, to enjoy decorations, to feel the spirit. During my city's trip I said "Goodbye" to 2010 at the airport seeing the flying off airplanes and imaging how the leaving year boarded one of them along many passengers.
A few minutes later passing by icy streets, snowy trees and homes, I stopped at the railway station along travellers with baggages taking compartments in good spirit to look at how 2010 found its place among them to be on its final travel by train.
An hour later, with people using the ski-lift going to Vitosha mountain the leaving year had her last visit to the most beautiful parts of my homeland.
At the bus-station I offered my own company so 2010 would not leave alone while all welcome New 2011. We went on together and reaching the sea-shore we got down the bus. We spent her last minutes sailing Black Sea, Bosforus, Marmora Sea on a ship... Like a cup of sand between fingers, like torrent her time had been over and 2010 went away to take its deserved rest somewhere where its closest ones - 2009; 2008; 2007 etc. waited for her already.
I remained with twinkling stars, light-breathing waves, and bright Moon when the fresh seawind escorted the speedily coming 2011 and it accepted long cheers.
So hope it will be very good and friendly for everyone! Good luck!

2010 NEWS:

28 December 2010

I am going at a good distance off to celebrate New 2011. Wish a wonderful New Year Eve's Party!

Have a great 2011 Year! 

25 December, 2010

Happy festive time! Let love, success, health and happiness be the best friends to everyone in 2011!

20 December 2010

This week the winter holiday begins. HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone. Let all New Year's Resolutions come true in 2011! Be lucky, healthy and loved! Enjoy festive days :)))

14 December, 2010

A few days only before Christmas, New 2011 Year and the big holiday... a time to stay in my warm room in the very snowy city and to strike a balance for 2010, to prepare my wish-list for the next one: "Loving Heaven, good and white, suffusing the earth with beautiful snow on all sides and magic light by glittering crown of stars above, give us peace and piece of love, and also for hopefulness might!"

21 November, 2010

"To be or not to be"; "to write or not to write"; "to start a new book or never start a new book"... Somehow this it the time for the answer whether I want or don't want to write anymore.

The Starlight Prince; Affairs of the Heart with The last secrets of the ancient island" and A Love in Time of Wars; Somewhere around us are behind me.

Now I have material for two stories, historical and contemporary, having them in mind for a long time I am used to taking some notes about  the heroes, dialogue, scenes that would come in use in the process of writing. There is no working time nor a precise map to follow when I write a story. My heroes will be every hour with me even when I travel or have a dinner, or prepare for sleep and their destiny could be changed during my work thankfully to any new idea... I also have done my historical research because I like to be very accurate in historical references before sitting down behind my laptop.

And I still have to decide... "writing or not writing"...

21 October, 2010

I put one more section on my web-site, my book Affairs of the Heart will be published in 2011:

It consists two novels, the contemporary love drama "The last secrets of the ancient island" and the historical love drama "A Love in Time of Wars".

I have no patience to see them wrapped in covers up, sleping in my hands :)))

17 October, 2010

I have created my page on and enjoy being there very much. I have found many new friends to share one of the longest passions of my life, the books. You are welcome there, too:

The links to other my profiles at Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. are a part of AUTHOR section:

01 0ctober, 2010

The short rest is behind me, it is a time for inspiration and serious writing I hope.

23 September, 2010

Today I am going on a short trip abroad in the footprints of two of my heroes and will come back home on Sunday. I hope I will have a good time walking round their loving places many, many years after them.

14 September, 2010

In my free time I have been working very hard on the editing of my second book:

It will consists two novellas: “The last secrets of the ancient island” and “A Beautiful Story (A Love in Time of Wars)”.

The Starlight Prince waits for a few professional reviews and when they are posted I'll let you know :)))

20 July, 2010

In the section Events there is much about the premiere.

16 July, 2010

My moved heart would like to thank everyone, who made the premiere of The Starlight Prince unforgettable! My great thanks for all warm words, many, many flowers and cordial wishes!

Thank you for the friendship and appreciation of my writing!

I will tell about the whole event, the emotions, questions and my answers in a few days.

Now I am going on my road to Greece.

12 July, 2010

The first premiere of a book of mine, the one of The Starlight Prince will be on Thursday, 15 July in Sofia.
Silvie Zareva, PR and Marketing lector at Sofia University will lead the event. I hope many friends will share this part of my life-long journey into writing :)))

06 July, 2010

The first copy of The Starlight Prince is in my hands at last! It reached me today by mail and I am unbelievable happy! 

22 June, 2010

The premiere of The Starlight Prince will be at the American culture center in Sofia in the begining of July. I hope many friends will be there, will be with me through ages, through countless earthy and celestial places and adventures of my heroes. Fortunately my imagination created them and they became a very friendly company of mine during the long hours of writing:

"If the human’s world becomes boring, you have the sky, the non-stop moving stars. They change everything so the endless earthy years are never one and the same."

I am glad came true my dream to be a published author.

June, 2010

I am a bit in tension during the preparations for the premiere of The Starlight Prince, every idea seems not good enough but hope at the end to remind with a smile and nice feelings about it...

May 09, 2010

And so, Sicily is:

The island where history is not just science but witchcraft, where the land is not simply beautiful green fields surrounded by three turquoise seas, but something more - the scene of legends and secrets, the world where love is not only love but passion, a sense of life... My inspiration :)))

May 02, 2010

I am on my road to Sicily... very exciting to be behind the shadows of my heroes, to have a sense of their presence on the island :)))

April 12, 2010

In May I will touch the magic of the Sicily island, in June my first book, the young adult The Starlight Prince will meet its readers! I prepare for the premiere.

February 14, 2010

Wish in every life, home and heart to have love!

January 2010

"AFFAIRS OF THE HEART" will be published

My second book "Affairs of The Heart" will be published by Rose Heart Publishing.

I put a couple of ideas, thoughts and efforts in the two short stories inside, “The last secrets of the ancient island” and “A Love In Time of War” so I am feeling really honored with their decision!

The first chapter of each book is under the synopsis and pictures in the Book section here. Enjoy reading! 

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