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my thoughts and answers to the questions

Of course, I love to write about love. I try to describe it in my stories as masterfully so I can. In my “Affairs of The Heart” there are two love stories, two affairs of the heart in one book. In them lives all passion I have for history and adventures, time-traveling and thrillers, mysteries and great love. Of course, in one and only human’s life, we cannot have all of kinds of love but in books we could find them and take some sense of such a story. We may touch a young, innocence love or a tragical one, a secret love or second chance love for divorced, or even historical one, eternal etc. At first it seems everything is said by the great authors but everybody has his/her unique experience with love and there is what to be written, yet. 

You may hear my heroes speaking about it:

“We were born alone, we die alone but life is our chance to live in love so we should not waste our days in this regard.”

“Love! It is the most important in life. If there is not love in Heaven I’d much rather stay on Earth.”

“Love or necessity for love could inspire us better to change something in ourselves, to change for good?” “The best thing is to go out and taste life as I have suggested once. There is always a new beginning, its end is always unknown.”

There is difference between my heroes and me. Sometimes their problems, important questions are the same as my own. However, answers are different.  What is love? Escape from loneliness? Or love is a deep friendship and having it for something else is just our illusion? What would love inspire? A new sense of life? Happiness? Or love would kill our innocence? Does being in love mean we discover mutuality but losing part of your identity? Questions, puzzles and some answers in two love-stories, two affairs of the hearts. The heroes in them answer in their way:

“Mustafa, don’t spend your life alone, don’t be lonely among people, who live in love. Some people say loneliness means freedom but mine is more of a burden as if my soul is in a jail cell, just what is the prison for the body. No one has to be alone and know more about loneliness than about love. You need to find a good woman.”

“And you, Maria? You should be mine!” /from “Love In Time of War”/

“Is love a deep friendship?” “No! Sharing loneliness with your best friend isn’t the same as sharing love. It would be like the moon replaced the sun for the sunflower. Be yourself!” /Michael from “Last Secrets of The Ancient Island” to his brother Ralph/.

“Being myself includes me being lonely. Obviously, it is not the good choice. I need to change something in myself otherwise I’ll be sitting on the sidelines watching instead of living on the playground like other people. That’s why I suppose the man at the sanctuary was right. I can’t wait for Heaven to fulfill my request.” /Ralph from “Last Secrets of The Ancient Island”/

“Does destiny have the important role in love or you should take everything in your hands?”

I think the both of variants are possible. I know someone would be endowed with love, while another has to learn how to find soul mate on his own, without any help, even without Heaven’s help. Actually, my main characters do not take to heart the dilemma: “To be in love or to be loved?’ They are active, enthusiastic and like to be in love.

“When is the best time to write about love? After ssleeping, when you are on the borderline between the world of dreams and sunrise in reality? Or in the afternoon, when everything is tuned with expectations for the evening?”

Personally I love to write about it in night hours when the Earth - my home-planet - sleeps profoundly and a new world, the one of the stars, wakes up in the sky above my head.

“Love or necessity for love could inspire us better to change something in ourselves, to change for good?”

“The best thing is to go out and taste life as I have suggested once. There is always a new beginning, its end is always unknown. It is better to happen something than having fears it could end worse we choose to happen nothing. Nothing means loneliness, nothing means emptiness. Loneliness, or the fear of loneliness would change us using the same strength as love or hatred do.” /Michael from “Last Secrets of The Ancient Island”/

“Where is the best place to write about love in your opinion? When the town wakes up with noises of bases, cars and many, many people in love or if you lay on green meadow with butterflies, ladybirds, turtles, foxes, hedgehogs, wild flowers, watch the endless sky and enjoy dreaming of love?”

The most important for me is the sense of romantic. It should be in the environment or in their behavior, or in their attitude. I think there is shortage of romantics in our time and world.

“When does love hurt? If we have lack of experience or when we have other priorities like carreer etc.? Or if we too much afraid of it?”

I think if we do not give enough time to stick to each other we could lose love or being hurt by it.

“If love is most important for you or for any of your heroes, would you resort to paranormal forces for help? Magic? Astrology? Tarot? Would you think they could be used even in secret from the one you are in love?”

I would love to be a magician for a while, to have the Wizard of Oz talent to bestow love upon all in need for it. My hero The Starlight Prince from my first young adult fiction asks for a magical tool from Olympic Gods that bring in more love in people’s life.

?If you could go any place in the world and to any time period, what place and time would you choose to visit?”

I would love to see as a flash what would happen with my native Milky Way Galaxy, with the Sun after thousands of light years. And I would love to know what the Solar System was when our world was created and after it when the world was very young what everything on Earth looked like.

The challenge of writing, publishing and promoting

Well, I can never say I am a writer from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. during a day. Writing is one side of the process, creation of the stories and characters in the mind is another, more important thing. The themes, dialogue, the scenes of a story live in my mind all day-night and I am used to taking some notes on papers about heroes, dialogue, scenes in any free hour with the purpose to use them in the process of writing.

There are also moments in night hours when my mind is very tired, yearns for sleep but I am still awake, pondering about something, an idea flashes upon me and instead of yielding myself to the dreams, I raise at my elbows, turn on my night-lamp to put some words on the piece of paper. I do it because I am afraid that in the morning when I come back from the land of sleeping to start a new day I could not remember the idea, the thought, or the dialogue. So the story and writing are important for me, I have no peace or rest before I complete it.

Usually it takes a long time, even several years, I collect these notes on the small papers and one day I take them out with the thought “I am ready to write it’ and turn on my laptop. While writing it, I continue to collect other stories that impress me, the ones that I would not forget for a long time. They would be my next book so I always have paper and a pen with me.

Loving historical themes I also need strong research before I would be able to sit down behind my laptop because I like to be very accurate in historical references.

I love telling stories based on real facts and persons. I am always in a hunting to hear, to learn something interesting that could shake me and hold my imagination for long. Having a real story for the plot I follow the heroes in their experience and something my imagination very vividly show pictures of it as if a film passes in my mind. What I hate are the popular formulas for writing for one or another genre, for one or another type of hero. I love the story and characters to be so closest as possible to life.

I do not set goals such as word count when I sit down to write. The important is whether I said everything that I wanted despite how many words I used for the purpose. After the completion of a story I need two-three months before starting its editing and sometimes it takes much time, perhaps as long as writing a new story. Therefore the word count put on the white paper in any evening or afternoon means nothing. The edit process could revise it in full.

The most terrible thing for an author in my opinion is the importance of the beginning chapter, the opening - the first few lines. I want to write a story as I like but I cannot stop puting myself in the shoes of the readers and asking: Is it interesting to others?

I am sure people, who are interested in being writers know much about the whole process. But I have something to say: don’t believe in rejection letters! You may write a nice story and if someone, if many ones – agents, publishers - reject it, don’t give up your thirst for writing. When one loves to do something - to climb mountains up, to swim, to play soccer or to write - he or she just does it because of the pleasure and despite the result. Each swimmer does not go to the pool or sea, or ocean because she/he would become an Olympic Champion. Of course, there is also the thought about success in everyone.

I have never lived with the thought “I can do this”. In my case it is always the sense “I need to write, I want to write.” For me the most challenging is "to write or not to write"; "to start a new book or never start a new book"... such moments always can happen because nothing ends with the end of creation of a story. When the last sentence is written, the pages are wrapped with beautiful covers in warm colors and you take a deep breath that everything is behind you… actually at that moment the next difficulties just start. The author must put tremendous efforts to overcome all obstacles on the road to the readers. Writing isn’t an easy process but finding a publisher, marketing and promotion of the book to touch readers is no simpler at all.

I love to work over the characters and the plots and feeling thirsty to bring them to the world. But when the story went to the editor I missed the hours when I stayed behind my laptop in the very friendly company of my heroes to go together on their next adventure. There is a strong sense of sadness that this journey is over.

Another friend of my writing:

Thank you, Katie!

13 October, 2011

Affairs of the Heart consist of two stories woven in one book: A Love in Time of War and the Last Secrets of the Ancient Island. A Love in Time of War is a Forbidden love story. The author takes you back to the year of 1913, into the past lives of Maria, a Bulgarian young lady and Mustafa, a Turkish officer of the War while moving into the present time of their lives, the 1930’s. Why was their Love forbidden? Was it their age difference, their religion beliefs, their cultural or the Time of War? You feel the sweet pains of their forbidden love as they mourn for the heart of the other. You become touched by the letters they send to hearten one another. Maria was very head strong. She endured her family ridicule of her choices while Mustafa endured the continual statements that his career and personal life would never work out. Maria and Mustafa ignored them all for their love was stronger than the circumstances ahead. They were determine to become husband and wife. What happens to the affairs of their heart? Do they wed and live happily ever after, do they wed and later divorce due to some stronghold circumstance that lingered between them until their hearts succumb. My reading pace was moderate throughout the book. This is a heart rendering intriguing story that is most satisfying. My reading rate is 4.5/5

A snippet from The Starlight Prince:

Being outside on the threshold The Starlight Prince did not hear the scream going from inside nor saw at that moment that a small bell over the grand door of the castle started moving slightly, its pendulum swaying to and fro while simultaneously, a similar but larger bell over the heavy door of the nearby family burial vault began swaying along with it as if measuring time, too.
The starry boy had an ear only for the ominous voice of the storm, the gale and the wind. He stared into the steadily falling snowflakes to pick out who opened the door but nothing was visible. Harassed by the blizzard, he bravely entered into it as the greatest adventure of his young life to seek a help or to face menace from the habitants. Once inside, his scared shadow snaked over the walls.
He found no one.
Why and how he heard the scream was a mystery. There was no sign of life, except the fact that everything was in perfect order.
In that moment, the bell above the vault turned round its axis and darkness crept out around it. Some intangible steps led out.

Two snippets from “Affairs of The Heart”:

The novella "The Last Secrets of The Ancient Island"; from the book “Affairs of The Heart” by Borislava Borissova:
“I wanted to see the face, to look into the eyes of the dangerous driver who scared us with his crazy driving, caused a series of collisions and accidents on our streets and placing the life of each of us in danger and uncertainty. I still remember the squeal of the high-speed tires and the sense of an evil menace and I wanted to rage at him, to strike him. I expected…” Michael sighed sadly and, forgetting everything and everyone around him, he lapsed into the memory of that time.

“In the hospital, I ran up the stairs and I looked in the room to peer over medic’s shoulder. There were a multitude of tubes and wires. The intravenous system and respirator were attached to the body in the bed, to keep the driver alive. I saw the ashen skin, dark rings around the eyes, fragile hands—they were already powerless to hold the wheel. The body was worn, similar to a shadow. It was a young woman who wanted to die, who searched for death on the road as fast as the car would go. And to take another life with hers so she wouldn’t be alone when she drew her last breath.”


The novella "A Love In Time of War", from the book "Affairs of The Heart":

After a while, the older white-haired man repeated in amazement, “Let’s clear this up. You fought to the death in the Balkan War against her father, her brother and her country. And she served as a nurse to Bulgarian soldiers, among blood, wounded, dead, and the smell of formaldehyde on the opposite side of the borderline. Does it mean you are coming to ask for the hand of your enemy’s daughter? The Bulgarian general, who personally led his army from the front line against the Ottoman divisions?”
“Yes. First there was the war… the love followed later. Peace was somewhere in between.”
“Yesterday, you could have killed her on the other side of the front, today you are in love and what about tomorrow?”
“She feels the same way. All our efforts to remain enemies appeared to be in vain. The border line between our ability to hate or to love appears a thin one.”
His fellow traveler shook his head distrustfully. “Your story sounds crazy. Most probably, her father will not allow her to marry you. Hmm... Kidnap her instead. Escape together as others have done many times on the Balkans.”
“Who would easily marry a Muslim man and a Christian woman in secret? If not, what would she be in my life without a legal marriage? A mistress? The woman who was born to be my wife? I cannot make a political scandal between our countries. The general is respectful and popular.”

A nice unexpected review of THE STARLIGHT PRINCE on amazon:


A loving site Romancing The Book with the nicest blog-hop:

And more:

My Birthday August 2011 Wishlist

I am on my way my dream to see all Balkan capital cities to be fulfiled. I hope the bigger dream - all capitals of European countries to be visited by me - to come true in the next years. Could you say I have strange dreams?
After having published books dream came true I can share with you what else I yearn to happen to me at least once in my life. I would love to:

Be Odyssey - take a walk through all countries all over the world
Have time-traveling adventure in the world’s past and in the universe’s future
See as a flash what would happen with my native Milky Way Galaxy, with the Sun after thousands of years
Have the Wizard of Oz talent to be able enjoying kids, to change the world for better
Meet Elves from “Lord of the Rings”
Experience being a magician for a while
Be Alica in Wonderland for a day
Be a Michael Bulgakov’s heroine in any his text
My mind to receive stories that go to J. K. Rowling’s one
Painting and sculpturing like Michelangelo Buonarotti
Creating “Appassionato” of Beethoven
Be the girl-hero in a love song
Write a great classical novel
Sing as the biggest opera-star
Lay on green meadow with butterflies, ladybirds, turtles, foxes, hedgehogs, wild flowers, watch the endless sky and think nothing, just enjoy life running both in my veins and in everything around me
Help a blind person cross the street
Fall asleep with a sense of happiness
Save a human’s life, save an animal life
Inspire someone for something beautiful
Live with my soulmate, being his “the one for a life”
Have many bright hearts loving me
Enjoy gondola riding
Having own wings to fly over lakes and mountains, falls, steppes and canyons
Swim over the Great Barrier Reef along dolphins and kit babies
Pet a polar bear’s baby, feed lion
Be serenaded in the moonlight
Learn the stars language, but not in astrology knowledge, that means what the stars “say” to people. I mean the celestial language on which stars and planets sing, speak each other according astronomers claim

Live long enough and be able to leave the world by my wish
Have a star named after me
Have somebody named after me
Live my life, leaving something worthy, a story of a great love behind me

13 July, 2011
Thank you for the opportunity, Jen!

10 June, 2011
I am so proud of this:
10 June becomes a nice day in my writing life!

10 May, 2011
Once a blogger asked me: "Borislava, what’s the most interesting comment you’ve received about your books?" Now I can say, one of the most touching is written by Stephanie:
Her approach to the story and hero, The Starlight Prince is marvellous!

14 April, 2011
My great thanks to Giovanni Gelati! Wonderful presentation of my writing and me!

12 April, 2011
Thank you, Jerome!

14 March 2011
A new comment about "A Love in Time of War" from the prominent Turkish author and translator Orhan Tuncay:
1.      It is a love story of opposite sides and difficulties involved. It is the sad story of human beings and wars and ideologies.
2.      It is poetic. May be you, Borislava, are writing poems.
3.      It is historic, but not deeply involved with the historic events. This approach is better for me. Because detailed historic novels are very dangerous. They mix the truth with fiction. This story rather focuses on relations.
4.      It is objective. If I did not know that a Bulgarian writer had written it, I will be in difficulty on deciding the nationality of the writer. In addition, I am surprised to see that you know a lot about Turkey.
5.      It is against ideologies. I took a paragraph below. I believe that ideologies are for rules so that they become stronger:
“If there is a new war, I will consider retiring. My country won nothing from the whole butchery of the Balkan wars. The great powers imposed their will despite what thousands of soldiers did on the fronts. Many victims fell, and the ones who were lucky enough to remain alive are exhausted now. Ordinary people are always the greatest losers in every war.”
There is a saying in Turkish: “The grass is crushed while the elephants struggle above.”
6. The composition - time frame - your approach  is preferred by various writers. There are some who write in more difficult time frame on purpose. In my opinion this is not a negative aspect of a novel and your event schedule is traceable.
Let me tie my opinions with my short verses:
This is the story of love
This is asking for hatred: “How?”
This is the story of humanity
This is the steel cold reality!
I wish you success!
March, 2011
A new, wonderful presentation of my books:
25 February, 2011
A new, wonderful blog:
Thank you, Christopher!
11 February, 2011
The Starlight Prince has a new friend:
Thank you, Allison!
08 February, 2011
A new friend of my The Starlight Prince, who sent me a very nice message:
"Borislava, you have been awarded The Editor's Choice award. Well done!"
17 January, 2011
A wonderful blog with nice feature of authors, this time it is my The Starlight Prince:
Thank you, Louise!
December 2010
I am very happy, received 5 big stars in a comment of my The Starlight Prince /please, scroll and see right down, under COMMENTS/:
I so hope my hero will become a friend of many, many people :)))
September 2010
First review of The Starlight Prince:
January 2010
I received a very positive review in my email from Mr. Giuseppe Alaimo, Agrigento, Sicily for my long-written historical drama-fiction "Somewhere around us" and feel so glad:
"Dear Borislava,
I am very happy that you described the spiritual strife of different characters that are Sicilian of birth, but human in "Somewhere Around Us". What I can see and feel that you traced the lives of people that lived in a very contrasting region like Sicily. But the most important aspect is related to the struggles of the major characters such as Don Giovanni, Sofiana, Michelangelo. If you ask me about the "Sicilianity" of the same characters, I can say "yes" according "the sentiment to be Sicilian"; no from the moral and psycological point of you.
I believe that you are a master in describing human soul. From this point of view you have reached a high level of literature for sure. My best character, if you want to know is Sofiana. Her sorrows are so human, so real. It was so exciting point out the inner structure of the dialogues related to the major characters. I loved so much the development of the plot in relation to Mr. De Castellano. Even the humanity of Sofiana was very well developed till the end, it was so for Giovanni and Michelangelo.
I really hope that these words can give you more strenght to write other pieces of literature in order to give to people the glimpse that a work of literature can help us to be more human in life and less hypocrite. I found the description of different places in your work very real in relation with our locations even the cemetery's area. In the pages of the book seems, suddenly, that a strong power from outside of the scene, with a hidden camera was following and was making questions about the complicated destiny of mankind. Such a moral, in a positive sense,or spiritual power. I felt above all, the presence of humanity that can give us inner peace no matter what can happen to each of us".
Giuseppe Alaimo, Agrigento, Sicily

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