Searching for his first friend, a celestial boy lands on the planet Earth during a cosmic storm. Encountering mysterious inhabitants in an ancient castle, he overcomes their obstacles, pitfalls and while discovering deeply hidden secrets of humankind, The Prince from Sagittarius Galaxy finds an unexpected friend:



a young adult fiction

A celestial Prince lived alone on his tiny planet at the end of Sagittarius Galaxy. In a search for his first friend, the young boy caught a passing comet and deluded by haze of star-dust, entered the Solar System.

Landing on the planet Earth he found himself on an unbelievably beautiful island. There, at the Valley of the Temples, the ancient Olympic Gods had been spending their summer vacations for millennia. Trying to meet the little god of friendships among them, The Prince from Sagittarius Galaxy started his first adventure on Earth in the first part of the book. The lonely starry boy faced challenges he had never experienced at other corners in the cosmos.

Coming back in the second part of the book, after many trips to other celestial spheres, the starry boy fell in a volcano's throat, sliding to Earth's heart to save the planet after discord between Olympic Gods caused great disaster.

The celestial boy followed a young teen company in the third part of the book, in hope to make a friend among them at least, and took part in their unusual experience in an ancient castle. Being under a spell, the building became the strangest place in human's world with mysterious inhabitants and secrets. Its possessor, the greatest Master of magic, had been trying to harness the nature's elements and cosmic' forces to become immortal as prescribed in a magical manuscript written and hidden long ago by the Olympic Gods.

In spite of finding successfully unexpected support and friends, The Prince had to depart for his endangered home, keeping secrets about planet Earth.

Valley of the Temples:




Lively eyes followed silently every move of the tired friends, who sat down on the beautiful carpet in an unequal struggle against the sleep suddenly overwhelming everyone. The young people were feeling crestfallen, drowsy, and feverish.

Falling in no time asleep, each of them started dreaming one and the same dream. They were in the same large room, enlightening music played around, all was nice and airy. Clean and neat, the Castle was prepared for a high ceremonial event.

Upon their common fell in dreams many candles lighted suddenly, the people descended from the portraits on the walls as if being alive and made a circle aside of the grand piano while invisible hands charmed divine melody from its keys. The men bowed to the ladies, the ladies returned the curtsies.

The first dance began in front of the only public of the young teens and the hid guest from other galaxy. With each new melody the strange figures changed their clothes in a magical way. When a modern dance started, they came closer and closer as if to attract everyone of their young guests to join the circle for dancing. Their friendly smiles seemed like carnival masks put on the frozen faces.

“Stop! Do not continue! Do not dare ever again to use your knowledge in stars and nature to set a trap for anyone!” Peering into the room, the dark shadow ended the dance with only a gesture. His voice sounded quiet but dominant.

“I am sure you have already seen behind the clouds a few rarely rising stars. For some time I have suspicions that any one of my fellows most probably gained higher skills in reading of our sky.

Congratulations to whichever one of you, who interpreted successfully the meaning of such a special celestial order during this important night, an unusual one we have had for a great number of years. Until now, these skills have mastered only to me.”

The man’s intimidated figure glided to the fireplace drew some pieces of wood from under his black mantle and laid them in the grate. Soon, a gentle fire blazed as the portraits moved back toward the wall to find their places in the frames while listening to his discontented, authoritative voice.

“It is correctly, if this evening in my ancient home exactly, full in with magic, these young guests would join you in your dance, they would receive their frames of pictures to stay among yours forever.”

Gazing directly into the eyes of each of them, he added staunchly:

“Changing nature is one thing and using your knowledge and skills to allure innocent young ones is quite different. I order, leave them to live a real life, far away from my inherited and already eternal possessions, the Castle with the park around.”

The loud protest from the portraits could not wake up the young sleepers. Snuggled in their deep dream state, they felt charmed with music and fairy beauty of the interior. Its coziness was in sharp contrast to the coldness they experienced outside.

Following every their moving with chilly eyes, many of the portraits insisted in a row:

“Lord, as we expected the Moon became like a silver spring that sprays the sky with stars before the dancing clouds to obstruct them all thankfully the strong winds from the East and the West. It is exactly as it happened with us many, many years ago. Let take the advantage of the extraordinary chance given by Heaven for the teens and us.

Let them dance in our company now. The magic you created in the past keeps here us forev-er so it means it would work under this roof again as their initiation. Let this important mo-ment be not wasted because it will be over too soon.

Let them to receive immortality and come among us on the walls. While all others from real life will grow old and eventually meet death, their appearance will remain unchanged and they would watch the world for ages.”

“Do not make this offer to others! It is only for initiated and agreed while the teens here are too young to join you or at least to understand such kind of opportunity. You gained immor-tality in the mature ages of your life in a well-considered choice.

Yours was quite different so I could not allow you to capture them like you were once. Ac-tually I do not believe you would succeed in completion of the process without me. Nor you took my agreement concerning this issue.

Do not think the privilege to be witnesses of my practice in magical fields several times be-fore is enough. No one of you is experienced in testing his skills in it. Nothing from your past prepared you for that moment. It is not based on simple or cheap tricks but on long edu-cation and desperate efforts. So no more traps and games with people and with nature when the stars are changeable! I could not endorse your request.” The tall shadow sounded fiercely adamant.

In spite of his rigidity, the discord was common.

“But we need a fresh company. We are tired and bored with ourselves for so long time. They appear to be a nice group, still innocent and vital.”

Burning some candles around the youngsters to examine better their faces, the man met the demands with determination.

“Every one of us had a choice for her or his destiny. Let them have theirs. The oddity in their vacation must stop here.”

With each new lightened candle the fire in the fireplace broke into flames, which licked the carpet without burning it. The flames started painting emotional scenes from the past of that home, provoking a stir in the room which worried someone else who resisted to the power of sleep.

Fortunately, his presence went unnoticed, yet, although the stately man’s figure possibly guessed the boy from another galaxy was in his mysterious home.

Paying no more attention to the voices from the wall, he drew out the darted arrow and put some thoughts on it. Hid closely the uninvited guest felt upset. Just now the celestial Prince realized why instead of receiving the divine help he sought from the little god of friendships, someone else appeared in answer of the calling of the golden arrow. To the little son of Aph-rodite reached nothing. The ancient magic protected the Castle even from divine touch.

The starlight boy shuddered.

What a powerful kind of witchcraft could secure such protection on Earth?


* * * * *

With his legs tucked one under the other, sitting in the shadow of the piano and decisively keeping silence, the unearthly boy watched with thirsty eyes the flame’s pictures and searched for a better position to move on and to see as much as possible.

The world on Earth surprised him one more time. After his former travel his adventure spirit was thankful for all emotions and experience he got. Now he felt enormously allured to un-veil what secrets were hidden on that place from these people.

The fire was blazing, the room became warmer and the teenagers unbuttoned in their sleep some buttons on their clothes. A resting smile appeared on the lips of the girl, who impressed The Prince from Sagittarius Galaxy a day ago. In front of them the shadow bent down to collect the pieces of the broken vase.

A lady’s capricious voice from the wall gave heed to his action:

“Sorry for the family artifact, Master, but I protested in that way. I only prefer to maintain our privacy instead of having noisy young people around while the others of us were ready to make room for them.”

Another hollow voice interrupted him:

“Master, we are different and for some of us it is no easy to abide all these endless years at one and the same place and faces. We have been compensating our deathlessness with lone-liness.”

The man’s shadow replied under the dark mantle tersely and peremptory:

“In the older times I warned you for possible divergence between your expectations and the real result of our aspiration for immortality. But you did not take to heart my cautiousness. You coveted too much for a way to know what would happen with this world in the future, and the next future and the future after it.

You are lucky to see it during the ages. Therefore, do not complain about your situation. Even you sense loneliness it does not allow you to play games with mortals.”

Ironic laughter swung through the air with superior overtones.

“Master, we are not as helpless as we were in the past when we just followed you to reach your dream. Now we have information concerning use of Perseids and meteors from the tail of the rare Swift-Tuttle comet, which orbits the Sun every one hundred thirty-three years. Even I am not better than you in the mastery, yet I am not an apprentice anymore.”

The skillful man felt highly surprised. He missed to be on the look-out for any unlikely de-velopment of their affair. The well-elaborated plan of his subordinates to ensnare the young-sters attained new significance after these words.

There was a one, who manipulated the thirst for a change in his peers just because he wanted to have an opportunity to test his skills. First the Lord of the Castle being longer before him the Master of sorcery countered the challenge immediately as if by invisible command the clouds withdrew and let the Moon to appear on the sky. At finally its light got inside through the windows. His vocal eruption followed that evidence of his magical power:

“Well, our planet meets the unique celestial body again and only I among mortals knew what opportunities carried the comet and from where. The ordinary falling stars fulfill ordi-nary wishes while we have now the comet to be along the unique meteors, called Perseids and if it happens Jupiter to be in its closest position to Earth, all means an unusual chance for someone who is prepared. You possess some erudition but I can assess you are not able yet to do the same things as I have been doing. You could not tear yourself fully away from the Earth one day.”

His team looked confused and annoyed.

“We do not want to leave and go somewhere where we can find only beautiful cold constel-lations without humans with their interesting lives. Why should we need to possess your skills? Ours are enough to lure the youngsters to be an extra company here for the next one hundred thirty-three years before the sky to be the same as this night.”

Another interweaved his opinion in the statement of the first rebellious voice.

“Master, we are still very curious to know what would happen with the human’s world, with people’s life, with towns, villages and everything that comes ahead to be discovered, to be revealed, to be happened. Remind, please, we followed you to receive immortality on Earth because we coveted to be able to see the future of the next generations. Now you are alone with your choice to go out into the furthest distance, somewhere on the borderline with the open cosmos.”

“Well, my experience continues on instead of just watching others what they do. If you have two eyes you could not live as if you have only one or as if you are blind. The same with the potential in each of us, if mine is more than in the others, I should meet my destiny, harder and different one but corresponding to the extent of my endowments.

I mean, the full immortality is to know what happens in the whole Solar System, to see, to learn and touch the whole universe as far as possible. I have very little interest what has been changing on Earth.

Of course, I catch up with news when I return so be careful what you do. This is not a vaca-tion hotel as you wrote on the invitation cards to the youngsters but the home of the greatest lords of magic who have ever lived. And the last one is more alive than each of you!”

“Yes, you are different so how you would understand us. You missed our long-aged experi-ence on Earth in our loneliness. We need the others.”

The sorcerer was harsh, imperative and angry. “I know loneliness more than you suppose. You are together. I am alone. If the human’s world becomes boring, you have the sky to look at. The stars are moving non-stop and change everything so the endless human’s years are never one and the same.

Use your special abilities to extend your knowledge about them instead of luring innocent ones.

I will take care of them. Do not try to make them powerless again to secure their stay with you. The power of the great Magic is not destined to serve your interests but to make you more helpful and understanding.”

Distorted faces and noise filled in the air. The adamant man stopped in front of the fireplace where the flames played the pictures from the Castle’s past during the ages. When his shad-ow covered them very intensively they continued with scenes of the initiation of his people. Reminding some details as he wanted, the sorcerer raised his head and put a finger across his lips for silence.

“No more words or if you persist, I can reclaim my ancient privileges, which I gifted you with at the time of the last Perseids to make you immortal on my territory. I come to be not your mentor anymore on our road in magic, only your Lord.”

The time for arguments was over. The secret intentions were uncovered and his provoked order was given. Now to save the young friends was the most important job before anything else, even though the sorcerer could not escape a sense someone else was nearby. The one who sent the surprised sign, belonged to Gods, which drew him from his pursuits in the an-cient family’s vault, the golden arrow, should be under his roof. That someone was in bigger danger than the others.
Which one among the youngsters was he?

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